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Powerful Portfolio

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The Creative Group, a division of  recruitment company Robert Half International Inc., specialises in placing highly skilled creative, advertising, marketing, web and public relations professionals with a variety of firms.…


Understanding IP

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Business Victoria is a comprehensive online resource designed to help you start, run and grow your business. They have an interesting section on design integration and clearly see the value…


Design is a Job

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We came across this recently and wished it had been around when we started out… ‘Design is a Job’ by Mike Monteiro, has some great insights into the cut and…



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The AIGA (American professional association for design) have a great website which is full of useful information and resources. Whether you’re just getting started or well into your career you will…


This is how design works

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‘Startups, This is How Design Works’ is a great overview of the design process for non-designers highlighting its relevance and importance in business and life. Feel free to substitute ‘Startups’ for…


Education — Reference

admin / / Education, Links In 2009, Little & Company celebrated their 30 years in business by turning to those who meet us fascinated in this the design industry. Theye sought out the world’s…


Education — Books & Publishing

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Display Display is a curated collection of important modern, mid 20th century graphic design books, periodicals, advertisements and ephemera. Unit Editions Unit Editions is a new, progressive publishing venture producing…


Education — Typography

admin / / Education, Links This is the online resource for Ellen Lupton‛s book Thinking with Type — Everything you need to know about thinking with type, you will find here. The richly detailed…