This is the online resource for Ellen Lupton‛s book Thinking with Type — Everything you need to know about thinking with type, you will find here. The richly detailed update to the classic text belongs on the shelf of every designer, writer, editor, publisher, and client. originates from workshops given by Underware over the past few years. Most of the stuff which you see on this website, derives from these workshops. is a web site devoted to the art and appreciation of typography. It offers a unique typographic resource for students, educators, and professionals, showcasing talent from around the world. Originally created by James Craig as a supplement to his popular textbook Designing with Type specifically for his Cooper Union students, it has grown to include contributions presented by fellow educators and designers to embrace a wider audience.
TeachingType is an initiative by tutors, students and people interested in typography, typographic education and related subjects. The aim of this platform is to develop and refine graphic design education.