Jura Afanasjevs

My internship experience in the three leading design studios in Dublin was in some way different to what I had expected. But in the same time it was a real exam for my maturity as a designer and a useful experience, which I gained in such relatively short period of time. 

During my 3×3 internship, it became clear to me that no one has a ready-made answers in design and all solutions can be relevant. I have learned that it is important to push aside your fears of making mistakes and trust your professional intuition, that you shouldn’t be afraid of being nosey and challenge your solutions to, what seem to be, obvious questions and above all you have to be sure you’re learning new things and not just using skills you already possess.

These past nine months in three different studios, was a time of conscious meditation and thoughts about my role in the profession and design practices.  Moreover, being constantly present in creative environment of professionals, allowed me to expand my mindset and my perspectives in the design field. Every advice from them is like a golden key! 

A sincere thank you to all designers I worked with at Atelier, Zero-G and Detail.