Marcus Swan

Three×3 was one of the most brilliant, amazing, frustrating, confusing, formative and destructive things I’ve ever done. Some of those things sound bad, but really, being able to take part in Three×3 made me a better person first, then a better designer. I worked on some amazing projects, met terrific people and friends, made a tonne of mistakes, spent late nights working on things that seem inconsequential now and made way too much tea… but I wouldn’t change any of it. Three×3 is a place to learn and work with the most talented and inspiring people and designers in Ireland and being able to now take part in that process from both sides is very rewarding.

After the initial Three×3 stint in 2007 I then worked in Zero-G for 5 years on a on a wide range of projects for international and local clients including the Abbey Theatre; brand and identity development for Fingal County Council, Olleco and St Patrick’s Mental Health Services; web and app projects for SSP International; book and catalogue design for IMMA and the Gallery of Photography. In 2014 I joined the RTÉ Digital team as Senior Designer, working on design and development of digital services for the Irish state broadcaster including the RTÉ Archives and WW1 100 Years. I’m now Senior Designer and art-director with Image Now, where I’ve led projects for the eir rebrand, Cancer Trials Ireland brand, and curated and designed TypeSet 2016 in conjunction with Offset.

I’ve been known to talk about design and type at anyone who will listen, including ATypI Dublin 2010, DotConf 2011 on Design Thinking, Refresh Dublin on design and process, and Typography Ireland on digital communications and messaging. Most recently I presented at Face Forward, an international peer-reviewed conference focused on typography and design.

Marcus graduated from IADT in 2007 with a first class honours in Design in Visual Communications. In 2007 he was awarded the Design History Society’s Essay Prize for his thesis, The Medium is the Text Message: The Social and Aesthetic Effect of Text Messages, along with the IADT thesis prize that year. Marcus currently works in Zero-G on a wide range of identity, branding, print, web and interactive projects including – TravelWise (an App based loyalty programme); design for the Abbey Theatre (The Plough and the Stars, Pygmalion, The Government Inspector); ongoing brand and design development of storyful.com; and book design for shows in IMMA (Romuald Hazoumé) and the Gallery of Photography (Noel Bowler, Making Space). After completing his run in Three×3 in 2007 Marcus spent some extra time in Detail and Zero-G before heading off to see the world in 2009 – from California to New Zealand, Cambodia to Japan and more inbetween. Since returning to Dublin he’s worked fulltime in Zero-G for the last 2 years (they can’t get enough of him). Marcus plans on doing some kind of further study (when he gets a spare 5 minutes) and has been known to talk about design and type at anyone who will listen, including the ATypI conference in Dublin 2010, the dot conf and Typography Ireland.