Vera Reshto

This internship programme is unique to Ireland in providing the possibility to experience the way of working and everyday life in three different design studios. It allows you to be involved in the interaction, communication and dynamic working process on various projects, to learn patience and working ethic. You can observe the work and communication in the studio every moment and learn from different bits and pieces, like phone conversation with clients or latest news from local design community.

This is  a great way to be introduced to the Irish design community, to work with great professionals, literally ‘crossing the bridge’ between college and professional life. I learned to appreciate any work, paying attention to details and different production techniques (e.g. book production and conversations about them in Atelier).

I wish there could be more design studios offering this programme to recent graduates. The value and quality of Threex3 has proved itself over time and is beneficial not only for recent graduates but also for design studios participating.