William Doherty

Apart from nine months of being the new guy, a title as a professional intern and a minor addiction to coffee, the Threex3 experience has given me invaluable insight into the graphic design community in Ireland. It has been a challenging, eye opening and rewarding opportunity. I have gained a wealth of knowledge from three of Ireland’s leading design studios. 

Each studio offered me a unique experience to deal with a variety of clients across the cultural and corporate sectors. I was given the responsibility to work on several diverse design projects both independently and as part of a team, this gave me an opportunity to learn new skills from experienced designers in fast paced invigorating environments.

The studios themselves are very different in their approach to all aspects of the design process, from initial forms of research, pitching ideas to clients, project management to dealing with printers and the skills I learned in each studio will be invaluable for me in the future. This fantastic opportunity gave me a chance to work in and observe how these studios think, collaborate, innovate and produce work. This experience has shaped and developed my approach to graphic design, I am excited moving forward equipped with these new skills. 

I’m leaving this graduate programme knowing the kind of design work I want to be creating and the areas in which I need to focus on in the coming years.

I have spent the last nine months learning from and listening to some of the nicest, hard working, passionate and interesting people. I’d like to thank all the studios for putting together this programme and giving me the opportunity to take part in it.